1. Steuben, Wisconsin. Summer 2013. 

  2. Acre, Steuben Wisconsin. Summer 2013.

  3. Chicago, summer 2013

  4. Secret Beach, Summer 2013

  5. Last beach weekend with friends. Summer 2013 

  6. Road Trip Vessel. Arkansas, Summer 2013.

  7. Austin, TX. Summer 2013.

  8. Austin, TX Summer 2013

  9. Graduation Celebration, spring 2013

  10. Portland parking lot shadows. Summer 2012

  11. It seems that I only post here to announce a new tumblr I have started. Now a place in which I will catalog my collections. Starting with smushed pennies, stay tuned for more. 


  12. Hey look, I made another Cheetos blog. 


  13. Hello tumblr world.

    I haven’t been shooting much film to post here lately, but I have been doing this: flaminghotbagsongooglestreetview.tumblr.com 

    And also this: realteacherstuff.tumblr.com

  14. Rancho Seco State Park, CA Summer 2012

  15. Summer 2012